Here you can see all changes applied to the mobiki software base, grouped by releases:


  • Fixed: Link to external image did not work anymore.
  • Fixed: Warning: filemtime(): stat failed for pages/xxx.txt when saving a new page.


  • Fixed: Single images with dash in filename had not been parsed correctly.


  • Added own login dialogue, PHP session based with own stylesheet
  • Added a script check.php to see, if your PHP setup is ok for mobiki
  • Added a config option HEXFILENAMES to store the content in a non human readable form. This is not meant as an encryption, just, that not anybody can immediately see, what you write about from server side. Also the hex filename method is more straight forward, than the urlencode() based method.
  • Fixed: The IMAGE_DIR config option was not used at all places referencing the images folder - thanks Maik!


  • Integration with disqus for comments is now possible
  • Added own page's URL and ID for use in template.html
  • Added HTML5 <aside> element in template.css for use with commenting systems


  • It is now possible to make mobiki private, means readably only by logged in users
  • Every link now provides a title which gives a popup in the browser with additional info
  • the triple ' ' ' now gives a <strong> tag and not just the semantic meaningless <b>
  • Fixed bug with doubled paragraph tags around lists of pages


  • Provided .htaccess file for enabling browser caching of fixed-content resources (expire time)
  • Fixed a bug with URLs, so that now the + character is recognized as part of an URL.


  • Prevent horizontal stretching of the textarea in the edit form, just vertical.
  • Changed default stylesheet to keep the thin orange borders as part of navigation bars.
  • Integrated some more functions in a OOP manner.


  • Changed template.html to set WIKI_TITLE as name for RSS feed in meta tags
  • Moved most of the not often changed constants from config.php to index.php - these can still be overwritten from config.php
  • Added page descriptions to results of search, hashtag and news page
  • Added recent:n tag to show a list of n recently changed pages with their short descriptions. Including this on your first page could make something like a blog out of mobiki.
  • Attention - START_PAGE ist now called HOME_PAGE, change your config.php!


  • Added Description for each page for RSS-Feed and web page meta information.
  • Attention - You need to add constant DESCRIPTIONS to config file
  • Attention - You need to add constant DESC_PLACEHOLDER to config file
  • Attention - You need to add constant TEXT_PLACEHOLDER to config file
  • Attention - You need to add <meta name="description" ...> to template.html
  • Attention - You need to create an empty descriptions directory to hold the page descriptions


  • Provide hashtags in page content as <meta> keywords in HTML <head>.
  • Replaced the <section> element in the template and stylesheet by <article>.
  • Added the <main> element for better semantics.
  • Added support for SVG images.
  • Images now have <title> and <alt> attribute with meaningful text generated from image filename.
  • Hashtags are now rendered in gray to be differenciated from links
  • Fixed bug: Images are no paragraphs any longer
  • Fixed bug: A new paragraph is ended after an extra empty line (two linefeeds)


  • The rss feed is now generated as a static file feed.xml and updateted with every page change.
  • A static sitemap.xml file is also generated with each page update. This will help search engines to crawl your site more efficiently.
  • A robots.txt file is provided for stopping search engines from indexing unwanted pages.
  • Enriched the template.html by some tags for microdata.


  • it is now possible to add whole folders with images to some kind of image-list or gallery by using the images directive. The images appear one under another on the specific page.
  • fixed bug: Used li instead of ol in template.css.


  • Linking to internal pages with alternative descriptive text now possible, see Markup.
  • Linking to images in new image folder with special image: url now possible, see Markup.
  • The menu now has an orange hover effect
  • Fixed bug: no markup applies now to preformatted text
  • Now square bullets for lists


  • Attention - Markup change! Preformatted text is now initiated with three or more consecutive underscores on a single line alone and closed the same way. This pattern is vary rare on sourcecode or other texts and also there is the possibility to type 80 underscores in line to get a typewriterlike separation line in raw text. This is a much better solution as to use curly brackets, as done in mobiki versions up to 2015-01-22.
  • mobiki now has a favicon


  • System generated pages (News, Search Result, ...) have now "System" as author.
  • Some tweaks in CSS for better positioning of the navigation buttons
  • Links now come in simple orange color without (double-)underline
  • Added support for google webfonts, actually Lato


  • The default template of mobiki has now just three colors: white, gray and orange
  • Changed the layout and design a lot, publishing time, ...
  • Added LOCALE definition in config file, default is: en_US.UTF-8
  • Added an extra short time format for lists of pages: TIME_FORMAT_LIST
  • changed the way article author and publishing time are integrated in the template.html
  • different other bugfixes


  • Mobiki now has fixed header and footer - well, I'll see, if I like it ...
  • Complete overhaul of the parser - now with output of paragraphs instead of line breaks
  • Complete CSS rework to make more use of HTML5 features, use more nav, section, time, ... tags and less div for better semantic
  • Edit button just appears while not yet being in editing mode
  • Login button just appears while not yet being in login mode


  • Added WIKI_LANGUAGE setting to the config file - add to existing installations and update to your own language!!!
  • Removed <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> from template, because it is overwritten by http header's content type setting anyway
  • Relative links in the RSS feed's content had been replaced by absolute ones, as it should be
  • Replaced all html5 offline caching stuff (.htaccess, offline.html, cache-manifest) by one http header line, which prevents us from caching.
  • Changed the CSS formatting for the menu entries to use one .menu class for all in addition to individual IDs for the single standard elements: home, news, feed, login, ...


  • The RSS feed now provides the full page content for offline feed readers
  • The readme.html has a list with released files and their specific functions


  • Added up to five additional menu entries to config file
  • Optimized caching manifest for servers capable of this
  • Fixed bug after providing bad password now you can try again


  • Added extra Login-Page to seperate login from editing
  • Changes to config.php file - add missing variables to your existing setup, if any
  • Switched off caching by providing a HTML5 Cache Manifest
  • Changed RSS feed to use creation date of pages instead of modification date


  • Added: config.php line define('WIKI_AUTHOR', 'Martin Döring'); for better RSS-feed data
  • Changed: Code completely restructured as OOP
  • Changed: Code and stylesheet optimized for small size, as far possible
  • Changed: Added CSS3 shadow effect to default stylesheet
  • Changed: browsers print output now without menu bars
  • Fixed: URLs without extra description generate bad link output
  • Fixed: Double backslashes get just one baskslash after saving a page


  • Added: Password set dialogue, password hash is stored in config.php
  • Changed: Site specific configuration now in separate config.php file
  • Changed: No invalid page names anymore
  • Changed: Password hash is stored encrypted and uses crypt() instead of md5()
  • Changed: Major code refactoring, every function fits on a screen page
  • Fixed: XSS vulnerability - all filesystem critical characters get mapped
  • Fixed: Added correct guid tag to RSS item tag


  • Added: RSS Newsfeed
  • Added: informational message, if password was wrong
  • Changed: Width in stylesheet changed from device dependant pixels to mm
  • Fixed: Too greedy matching descriptions of links with characters other than word characters
  • Fixed: Incorrect "align" tag in css-stylesheet
  • Fixed: Different XSS vulnerabilities by not validating page= and query=


  • Changed: External links now are opened in new browser tab
  • Fixed: Lists do invalidate following dashes.
  • Fixed: External links with extra description break, if description contains some special characters.
  • Fixed: Output has bad closing body tag - slash forgotten
  • Fixed: Some whitespaces need to be replaced to give a valid URL in output


  • Added: hashtag-Support. Clicking it gives a corresponding list of pages containing this hashtag.
  • Changed: Split search results in results found in page title and results found in page text.
  • Changed: Numbered lists start with any number and dot as in normal text instead of hash sign.
  • Changed: Normal lists can alternatively introduced by a dash instead of a star.
  • Changed: List marker can optionally be followed by any number of whitespaces before list item.
  • Fixed: External link breaks HTML-Output if used together with internal link on one line.


  • Initial Release