Page Descriptions

Since the 5th of June 2015 mobiki allows to add a short one-line-description of meta information to each page.


When editing a page in the first input field you should provide a short one-line-description of what the page is about. This should be pure text without any formatting.

Under beneath you should write the page content as usual. When deleting a page by saving it with an empty content field the description is also deleted.

Why, the hell?

Although my initial intention was to provide no explicite meta information, both the RSS feed and the web pages really need it. The pages for better to be found in search engines and get a better ranking, than without. The feed needs the information for a better overview in feed readers.

Apart from that also the search results now shows this information, so that it gets more meaningful and gives a better user experience.

Use mobiki as a blog engine?

Another idea is to make some kind of a a blog engine from mobiki. The main difference to the previous wiki or cms like scheme is, that you now have the possibility to add a list of recently written articles to the front page (or any other) by just adding:


... where n is the count of the n newest mobiki pages.