What is a hashtag?

Because mobiki saves it's texts simply as files in the server's filesystem, there is not much possibility to sort or order or filter it's content, other than by filename, creation or change date. So all we can do with our texts needs to be in the texts itselfs.

Anyway, you can search for any word or term appearing in mobiki page titles or content. But there is no way to make use of categories or folders. So this does not bring us much further.

A hashtag now is a normal word beginning with a hash (#). If such a word is part of a pagetext, the hash is ripped away and the word appears like a normal link. But if you click on it, a search for all pages is started, where this specific hashtag is also part of the text.

This way it is after all possible to build categories of pages and place these hashtags for example on the frontpage to provide a method to run the query by clicking on them.

Try it with: Snowden

HTML meta information

For SEO purposes each hashtag is also added to the HTML page head's keywords list for better search engine support, like this:

    <meta name="keywords" content="Snowden">

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