Use mobiki as Weblog

Using mobiki as a basic blog engine is possible, since all content is now included in the RSS feed. Because mobiki should stay basic, it is not planned to extend it with a comment system or things like this.

My thought behind this is, that everybody can and should reference articles in their blogs if wanted, and the other way round. So the quality of information is kept high and concentrated to the specific article's subject and does not get the feeling of a discussion board. Well, this is just my personal opinion.

An additional idea for the frontpage of mobiki would be to provide a functionality to list the most recent articles in some kind of list, so that the whole thing get's more the feeling of a blog instead of a wiki.

Update from the 16th of June 2015

Mobiki has now all the features to make use from it as a very basic blog engine:

  • Every article now has a description for referencing it in RSS feeds and search engines
  • It is now possible to use the recent:n keyword to provide a list of the n most recent articles with their descriptions