How do I add additional top-menu entries?

In the config.php file there is a block with potential menu entries:

// Add page titles for additional menu entries - empty ones ignored
define('MENU1',				'');
define('MENU2',				'');
define('MENU3',				'');
define('MENU4',				'');
define('MENU5',				'');

If you want to add for example a menu entry for a link to a FAQ or a Howto mobiki page, you could add it this way:

define('MENU1',			'FAQ');
define('MENU2',			'Howto');

All non-empty menu entries will appear automagically in the header of mobiki. And for shure you should add the corresponding mobiki pages afterwards.

Caution: If you are using non-ASCII characters in your config file, use an UTF-8 capable Editor!
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